Saturday, 14 September 2013

Creative Thinking and Children Development

Most of the time, schools in Asia tend to focus more on cognitive learning and facts. The evaluation of the retaining of these facts is much easier. Creative thinking on the other way is not easy to measure.
Whenever I have discussion with parents and teachers, the same question will pop up. How do we see results after children has participated in the programmes? 
The process of learning is a long way. Even for adults. We learnt from experience. When we gave a problem for students to solve, they have different ways to solve it. Its not like academic lesson that require only one answer.  The more solutions that our participants can come out with, the more interesting is the learning process.

We encourage students to be creative and think based on the simple guidelines. What parents and teacher can do is to ask them questions and wait for the their response towards the questions. Its a learning process. And its a continuous process.

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